The New York Post says the Dallas Cowboys are “exploring” a trade with the Chicago Bears for a 2018 first-round pick

The New Orleans Saints and Chicago Bears are discussing a trade that would send their 2018 first round pick to the Dallas Cowboy, according to the New York Daily News.The deal would send the 2018 first overall pick to Dallas in exchange for Bears first-rounder in 2019.If the deal is completed, it would send Cowboys […]

More than 2,000 U.S. food safety complaints linked to food, water and hygiene products

In recent weeks, there have been multiple reports of food safety violations at some of the nation’s largest supermarkets, including Whole Foods, Safeway and Costco.The number of complaints and the number of violations has been increasing as more companies voluntarily submit reports to the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).According to a January 2016 study […]

How much is your food stamp number?

I’m one of many people in the UK who’ve got food stamp numbers.They’re issued to help people pay for things like rent, food and utilities.Food stamp numbers can also be used to make payments to the local authorities to help pay for services like council tax.The food stamp scheme was set up by the Government […]

How the Food Processor Can Help Me Treat My Food Allergy

Posted October 08, 2018 04:31:53As an allergy sufferer who struggles to find healthy food for myself, I have been searching for a food processor that can help me create healthier foods for myself. Ive tried a few food processors and while some seem to work great, most of them are not easy to use and don’t […]

Trump to deliver ‘fearless’ speech as he heads to Wisconsin

The White House is expected to deliver a “fearlessly bold” speech in Wisconsin on Thursday, as he prepares for a possible White House bid.| AP Photo Trump, GOP vow to fight to end immigration ‘a disaster’ article Trump and the GOP are pledging to fight the deportation of undocumented immigrants, but will not “allow the […]

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