How to eat a gluten free diet and live longer

I know you’re thinking, how can I eat a vegan diet and be healthy?

Well, if you want to know how to eat vegan without compromising on taste, feel good, and live a full life, this article is for you. 

Here’s how.


Choose a vegan source of meat (I’m talking about meat-free options) 2. 

Start a vegan lifestyle with no grains, grains, and legumes 3.

Eat organic fruits and veggies 4.

Stop eating dairy products 5.

Stop smoking cigarettes 6.

Cut out refined sugar 7.

Stop consuming processed foods 8.

Eat less processed meats 9.

Avoid processed sugars 10.

Limit refined grains and added sugars 11.

Use only plant-based ingredients 12.

Eat more fruits and vegetables 13.

Stop drinking alcohol and tobacco 14.

Get enough exercise 15.

Avoid high fat and sugar foods 16.

Avoid refined grains, sugars, and starches 17.

Limit gluten in your diet and in your body 18.

Take your health more seriously 19.

Don’t drink too much water 20.

Stop getting enough exercise 21.

Limit alcohol use 22.

Take exercise every day 23.

Donate to local and national animal rescue organizations (these organizations also accept donations to fight cancer and AIDS) 24.

Start your own business (and get more work done!)


Donated food can be used for animal shelters 26. 

Be vegetarian, vegan, or gluten free and support local animal rescue 27. 

Find out how you can donate to animal rescue (some animal rescue groups accept donations for food donations) 28. 

Learn more about the benefits of veganism (if you don’t already know) 29. 

Get started with the vegan diet (it’s fun, easy, and free!)


Make the transition to a vegan (you can start in under a year!)


Try this vegan food blog (free to sign up and get started!)


Save money and be more mindful of your money (like how much you spend on groceries and clothing) 33. 

Do the Vegan Walk (join a group or meet up to do some walking!)


Give back to the community (give, donate, or volunteer) (I’m so grateful to have found Vegan Kitchen and other organizations) 35. 

Support animal charities (find out where to donate your money, how to support animal charities, and learn how to get involved in local animal advocacy) 36. 

Watch Vegan Life (list the top charities for animals) 37. 

Join the Vegetarian Alliance of Canada (see where to get your vegan food and make a donation) 38. 

Shop Vegan (check out all the vegan retailers around the country) 39. 

Stay up to date on the fads and trends in veganism (be aware of what you can buy!)


Become a vegetarian (be vegan, but still be healthy!)


Read the Food Network (learn how to cook vegan food) 42. Buy vegan toys (you can’t beat vegan toys) 43. 

Stop buying processed food and use only plant food 44. 

Avoid dairy products and dairy-based products (eat more fruits, vegetables, and animal products) 45. 

Cut out refined sugars, grains and sugar products (save money on your sugar) 46. 

Eat more fruits (eat less processed foods) 47. 

Limit alcohol in your life and in body 48. 

Take exercise every other day (and get enough exercise!)

49. Donate to animal rescue 50. 

Keep up with the latest vegan and vegetarian news (including new vegan and vegan-friendly products) 51. 

Check out the NerdWallet (look up your savings account to get started) 52. 

Use this VeggieDiaries (go through your diet to see what you’re eating) 53. 

Have fun (do whatever you want) 54. 

Go vegan or veg at home (don’t let your friends or family think you’re not vegan) 55. 

Follow Veggs and Veggy on Facebook (like them on Facebook to keep up with their posts and find out about their recipes) 56. 

Sign up for Vegeasy (vegan and vegetarian food bloggers) 57. 

The VegLife Bookstore (buy Vegy-friendly books) 58. 

Look up Veggies and Meat (check out our veg-friendly food blogs) 59. 

Pick up The Vegan Bookstore by Jane and Catherine McNeill (the veg blog for Jane) 60. 

Book Veigoland (get vegan, vegetarian, or plant-centered food recommendations from around

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