What you need to know about the new ‘healthy foods’ rule

New regulations put the final nail in the coffin for the “healthy food” industry, but a new rule that was approved Thursday by the Food and Drug Administration could save the industry.

The rule, finalized in June, aims to reduce the amount of meat and poultry that can be eaten in the United States.

The rule requires Americans to purchase a certain number of eggs and dairy products from a single supplier, which means a single turkey sold in a grocery store will require more than one dozen eggs and cheese.

But the rules go further than that.

Under the rule, consumers will have to purchase up to five servings of eggs from a company, and up to three servings of dairy from a manufacturer.

The requirements will also apply to meats, poultry, and seafood.

As the FDA made clear, the goal is to reduce consumption of harmful substances like lead and mercury.

And the regulations have already helped a small group of manufacturers.

Tyson Foods, for example, has cut its consumption of lead from its supply chain by 70 percent, and it plans to cut down on lead exposure from its chickens, eggs, and dairy.

But for a variety of reasons, many of which could be linked to the new rules, consumers have been reluctant to buy the new product. 

According to an analysis by the American Chemistry Council, more than 70 percent of consumers are still undecided on whether they want to buy eggs from Tyson Foods.

A majority of people also want to avoid meat, poultry and seafood altogether. 

For those consumers, the new rule makes a lot of sense. 

“The rule is a big step forward for consumers and the food industry,” said Michael Pollan, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business.

“The rule addresses the most significant safety concerns and allows manufacturers to be more transparent about their compliance and compliance measures.” 

However, the rule does have its critics, including the food companies themselves. 

While the industry has been working to meet the new requirements, the meat and dairy industry has not been the same since the rules went into effect in June. 

The dairy industry says that the regulations do not require any changes to its products. 

Instead, Tyson Foods and other meat- and poultry-eating companies have been selling eggs and other meats directly to consumers, who are able to choose between a supply chain of suppliers, like Tyson Foods or one of its suppliers, such as Whole Foods Market. 

But while the meat industry has found ways to cut back on their meat intake, the dairy industry hasn’t been able to find ways to do the same. 

And the rules have also put pressure on some dairy producers, such the dairy-making company Dairy Farmers of America, which announced plans in April to stop producing milk. 

Even though the meat rules have been an enormous success for the industry, some have worried that the dairy products that they have been able the most to sell will no longer be available. 

 “There are some really, really good alternatives out there,” said David Rieger, who leads the Dairy Product Research Institute at the Cornell University School of Agriculture.

“But that’s not going to stop people from buying them.”

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