The food delivery service is growing fast, and that could be a boon for the economy

By Jessica HromasCNNMoneyA growing number of fast-food restaurants are making food delivery their main business.

A study by the Economic Policy Institute suggests that the food delivery business is growing at a faster rate than the grocery delivery business.

In fact, the food service sector accounts for nearly one-third of all the jobs created in the U.S. since 2000.

However, the EPI report says the fast food industry is “not the sole driver of economic growth,” and that other sectors like retail, hospitality and hospitality services account for nearly 70 percent of the job growth in the food industry.

The report notes that fast food companies have a vested interest in keeping the fast-casual economy thriving.

In order to keep the fast casual economy going, it’s important that the restaurant industry is expanding at a fast pace.

And that’s where food delivery startup Eat-Rite has its big opportunity.

The startup has raised $3.5 million from two companies: One is the venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins, which led the $3 billion Series A round for the startup last year.

The other is an early-stage fund called the Andreessen Horowitz Fund.

Andreessen is a major investor in Eat-rite, which has raised another $3 million from several investors.

The first two investors in the venture have committed $1 million each to the company.

Kleiner, which acquired Eat-rite for $1.2 billion last year, is also investing in Eat, which is now valued at $2 billion.

The other $1 billion is from the Andreagln Horowitz Fund, which also invested in the company last year at a valuation of $3 and has committed $4 million.

The fund was founded by Andreessen in 2010, and it has since become one of the most active investors in tech.

In 2017, Andreessen announced it was investing $500 million in the startup, with the goal of using the startup’s technology to help solve the problems of the food and beverage industry.

In a way, Eat- Rite is like Uber or Lyft.

The food and delivery service connects restaurants to customers, who then pay with their mobile devices.

The restaurant then pays a flat fee to the driver, with an estimated 20 percent of those receipts going to the restaurant.

If the driver can complete the trip, the rest of the revenue goes to the drivers’ pockets.

Eat- Rite’s technology has already been used to deliver meals to a few cities, and its delivery service has been deployed in other cities, including New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and Miami.

It currently has a service in Philadelphia.

Eatsrite’s delivery service allows users to pick up and deliver food to specific restaurants within a certain radius of their location.

For example, if you’re in Philadelphia, you can pick up your food from Eat- Rite.

The app also has a list of nearby restaurants, and users can then order their food, pay for it with their credit cards or even pay by phone.

The idea is to make it as easy as possible for people to eat out.

Eat Rite’s main competitor, Uber, is a company that allows people to hail a ride and collect payment from an Uber driver.

It also has an app for drivers.

Uber has been criticized for its handling of disputes over fare-collection disputes, and the company recently announced it would change its approach to dispute resolution.

According to a study by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), the food trucking industry in the United States is worth $1 trillion and is growing.

The study estimates that by 2023, the average food truck is expected to be worth $10 billion.

With the food-truck industry growing faster than the overall economy, it is important that Eat-ride’s technology can be used to serve fast-growing consumers.

It’s important to note that these types of businesses are not all created equal.

There is some overlap between food delivery and the fast fashion industry.

According to the Food Industry Association, there are approximately 40,000 fast-fashion restaurants in the country.

It’s estimated that over a billion people are eating out at fast-fashion establishments.

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