How the food wars have destroyed the soul food business

New Scientist article New Zealand has just become the latest country to shut down its soul food chain.

The food giant Lion, which owns the New Zealand Lion brand of soul food, has said it will close its stores in the country by March 1st.

In response to the move, many of Lion’s customers have taken to social media to complain about what they see as Lion’s failure to deliver on the promise of soul foods, which they claim are high in fat, sodium and cholesterol.

On social media Lion is described as a “shambles” and “a total failure” by people who regularly eat soul food.

The company has already lost customers, including two people who were not familiar with the brand.

Some people have even gone so far as to write to the Prime Minister to complain, claiming Lion is a scam and that they can’t afford it.

Some of the criticism of Lion comes from people who feel that the company is not delivering the promised soul food as promised.

A review of Lion and the company’s business practices has found that the majority of its products were delivered, but Lion’s reputation as a soul food brand was under attack by critics and critics of the health claims made by the company.

In addition, Lion has had to sell its soul foods business to a competitor.

The New Zealand Herald reported that a review of the Lion brand found that it “didn’t deliver on its promise of making high-quality, nutritious food”.

The company was able to survive for so long because it had a good product, which was delivered by a trusted supplier and it was a strong brand.

People who are unhappy with Lion’s food products are still buying the company and the lion brand, according to the Herald.

It’s unclear how many customers Lion has in New Zealand, but it is believed that more than a quarter of Lion customers are based in New England, according the Herald, and the rest are based around the world.

Many people are unhappy about Lion’s poor performance and have been taking to social networks to voice their discontent, as well as posting their opinions on Lion’s Facebook page.

In the US, the food giant Whole Foods has also announced it is shutting down its Soul Food chain.

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Whole Foods CEO John Mackey said the chain had a “lot of great products” that “delivered well”.

But he added that Whole Foods will not continue to operate in New York, Washington DC, Los Angeles, and Chicago.

Whole Foods also said it was considering closing stores in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and California, but that it will continue to support the business.

Lion’s fate in New South Wales is unclear, but the company has said that it plans to reopen its stores once it is back in business.

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