Greek restaurant offers to pay for meals of gay couple

Greek restaurants across Sydney have offered to pay their servers’ salaries if they want to take a gay couple’s meal on Sunday.

The restaurants, including Greek eateries across Sydney, have asked patrons to take part in a fundraiser called “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang”.

The fundraiser will help the couple and their two dogs.

“It is a way for them to be recognized and appreciated for their service,” said Greek restaurant owner Nicos Kallios.

“If you have a good reason to do so, please go for it.”

“We want to support them and their family and the best way to do that is to take one of our patrons and get the food out of the restaurant,” he said.

Mr Kallio said he is also offering to pay his staff’s tips and make them comfortable.

“They will not be taking a single cent, but we will pay our tips to the owners of the place so that they can have a safe place to work,” he added.

“The reason for doing this is that we do not want to create animosity and make things worse,” he told “

I would ask that the customers that are going to be there to come with a friend and that they don’t get too drunk, because it could be a big problem.”

“The reason for doing this is that we do not want to create animosity and make things worse,” he told

“The most important thing is to respect each other and work with each other in a positive way.”

It’s a beautiful way to help those that have the same feelings as you.

“And this is a chance for everyone to meet up and make friends.” “

We all love each other, we are a family,” he joked.

“And this is a chance for everyone to meet up and make friends.”

He said he hopes to “keep it going”.

“If this doesn’t work, I will take the money and give it to the gay community and the homeless,” he continued.

“But I don’t know how long this will last, I hope that I can keep it going for a long time.”

The fundraiser has been launched by Gay Men’s Health Crisis Australia, which is also running a fundraiser for the Australian Red Cross, which has also set up a Facebook page to raise money.

“When you are dealing with a difficult situation, the only thing that can really save a life is a smile,” said Mr Khandris.

“So please help the two dogs that we have with us.”

“It’s important that people don’t think that we are somehow doing anything against the person that we serve.

We are here to help, to give love, to take care of our guests,” he concluded.

Gay Men: The Red Cross says it is working with Greek restaurant owners to raise funds for the dog, and is also organising a fundraiser to help the dog owners.

The Red Wings’ social media page has posted a message about the event, in which the Red Wings have urged the community to help “give love, help a dog, a human being and also a human community.”

“This is a beautiful thing for people to do.

It brings us together.

I know that this will bring us closer together,” the post read.

“Our community needs a little help with the dog.

The dog will be okay, he’s a great dog.

We all know how important it is to the dogs.

We love our dogs, we love our people, we have a lot of heart to put our heart into it.”

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