NJ’s pet food industry struggling with food stamp spikes

Food stamp spikes in New Jersey have been a hot topic this week, as many are concerned about the cost of getting a pet food stamp benefit.

But there’s a growing concern that the spike in pet food prices could be a result of an economic crisis for pet food producers.

“People are starting to see the consequences of a lot of what we’re seeing right now,” said Chris O’Brien, executive director of the New Jersey Association of Pet Food Stores.

“The fact is that pet food companies are making a lot more money from food stamps than they were before,” he said.

In New Jersey, the state government requires pet food manufacturers to buy their food through the food stamp program.

The Food and Drug Administration says the food stamps program is designed to help the needy buy pet food and prevent homelessness.

O’Briens office has been monitoring the price spike in the pet food sector.

But Pet Food Express, which is based in West Orange, New Jersey says the increase in pet supplies prices is the result of rising demand and competition for pet foods.

The company’s CEO says demand for pet supplies is up about 35 per cent in New York, 50 per cent nationally and has grown in New England.

The CEO of Pet Foods Express, David Henn, says the company has been making some changes in the past few months.

Henn said he has been trying to get more people to buy Pet Foods products from Pet Food Services.

Pet Foods has been buying more pet food from Pet Foods Market in New Brunswick, which makes pet foods for pets and livestock.

Henna said Pet Foods is currently selling more than 2 million pounds of Pet Products Pet Food Products, a mix of pet foods, pet foods and pet food products.

Pet Foods also sells a pet foods line that is marketed to consumers and farmers in other states.

“I think people are buying it because it’s cheaper,” Henna said.

“It’s less expensive to make than to buy a lot less pet food.”

The Pet Food Service in New Rochelle is the largest pet food supplier in New New York state.

Pet Food Services CEO, David Bielfeldt, said that the Pet Food and Food Products division is struggling to meet demand because it doesn’t have enough people to fill orders.

Pet food companies in New Hampshire and Massachusetts also reported a sharp rise in pet supply prices in recent months.

Pet foods made in China and India have also been rising in price in recent years.

But the pet foods industry is not the only sector suffering from rising pet food costs.

The pet food industries health care industry has also been affected by pet food shortages.

A study released in July by the University of Pennsylvania found that pet supplies costs were costing the industry up to $1 billion annually.

Petfood companies are not alone in struggling with pet food supply shortages.

The food industry has been affected as well.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission in the U.S. is looking into a rash of recalls of pet food due to foodborne illnesses.

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) said pet food supplies have been falling in price and that petfood shortages are likely to continue for several years.

The FDA says pet food makers should increase prices in order to increase the demand for their products.

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