Why are dogs so expensive?

Why are animals so expensive in India?

The world is full of reasons, including the cost of transporting, the quality of meat and other ingredients, the way it’s treated and so on.

But there’s one thing that remains constant: prices are higher in India than in the West.

According to the latest data from the Animal Welfare Board (AWB), the average cost per kg of animal product in India is Rs 3,857.

In the United States, the average price is $3,569.

In Europe, the cheapest is at £1,078.

In India, it is more than double.

The AWB has been collecting data for the last three years, and it’s the first time that India has been tabulated, and not just by a single organisation.

The figures show that for a dog, the cost to produce food is Rs 4,400.

In a cow, the price is Rs 2,750.

In an ox, it’s Rs 1,300.

For most people, the answer is obvious.

They eat their dog and its product.

But that doesn’t mean that dog food is the only reason to eat dog.

As the AWB points out, it may be that the cost per kilogram of meat, for instance, is more expensive in the UK than in India, for the same amount of meat.

So it’s not as simple as buying a pound of meat from a UK slaughterhouse.

It’s worth noting that India does have a vegetarian option.

Dog-free diet is popular in the US and other developed countries, but India does not have such a thing, and so it’s often not available.

It’s cheaper to buy meat from the wild, which is generally cheaper than buying dog food.

For example, one can buy beef from the market in Delhi, or from a local farmer in Uttar Pradesh.

In rural areas, this is not an option.

The cheapest dog food in India comes from the local market.

In Uttar Pradesh, it costs Rs 8,200 per kg.

In Haryana, it cost Rs 3.50 per kg, and in Maharashtra it cost 1.75 per kg (the latter is for the state’s main city).

There are several brands of dog food on the market.

The cheapest of these is called Tandoori, which sells for Rs 2.50 for a kilo.

It has a taste similar to the meat it’s meant to replace, and the price per kg is Rs 1.50.

The price per kilo of beef is Rs 7.50 in Gujarat, Rs 3 in Maharashtra and Rs 5 in Madhya Pradesh.

The price per gram of meat is Rs 0.25 in Gujarat and Rs 0 in Maharashtra.

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