How to get your vitamin K on the go

Aussie vets are taking a cue from Australia’s own popular vitamin K supplement and are giving the supplement to patients via the mail.

Vets in Brisbane are taking over the supply of Vitamin K-based supplements from a Chinese company.

The Brisbane vets said patients who received the supplements via the courier would get a letter with instructions on how to use them.

“It’s very straightforward and easy to do and it’s going to be a good way to give a dose of vitamin K to people who are not getting it,” said Dr John Coughlan.

“The problem is the cost and the packaging, it’s very hard to get the correct doses.”

Vaccines have been banned in Australia for over a decade but some vets are finding the supply chain a challenge.

The Brisbane vets say they are confident that they have the right doses and have been able to keep their supply fresh for over six months.

“We are very confident in our product and our delivery methods,” Dr Coughlans said.

“Our supplier is very happy with the product and they have taken the time to work with us.”

Dr Coughlon said the supplements are not new, but it was a new idea for the vets to use the mail delivery system.

“I’ve had some people asking me about it, I can tell you we are very excited about it,” he said.

Dr Cuffleson said the vets are not making money off the supplements but the service was still worth the investment.

“A lot of our clients don’t know that they can get a vitamin K injection in the mail, so we think that’s very good value for money,” he added.

“They can do it over the phone or they can do online ordering.”

People don’t get vitamin K injections in the supermarket, they can go online and get a packet of Vitamin B-12 from the pharmacy.

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