A new Mediterranean diet is becoming popular in Israel

A new diet in Israel that includes grains, legumes and vegetables is gaining popularity in the country.

According to the Israel Ministry of Health, the new Mediterranean-style diet is popular in the Galilee and coastal areas, and is being offered as part of a “diet of choice.”

The new diet, which is called “a modernized Mediterranean diet,” is based on the use of grains, lentils, nuts, legume roots and pulses.

“It’s a new Mediterranean food, which we are now seeing in Israel,” said Dr. Avi Ziv, the director of the Food Science Department at the Beitar Negev Medical Center.

Dr. Ziv said the diet, known as a “modified Mediterranean diet” or MMD, is the “first diet to make use of whole grains in its diet, and its goal is to decrease the prevalence of diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer in the population.”

According to a study by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, the MMD diet has been recommended for Israelis over the past 20 years.

It’s also a major player in promoting the adoption of plant-based diets in Israel.

“In addition to this, MMD is being used by some companies in the food processing industry to increase their profits and the sales of their products,” said Ziv.

“And we are also seeing the rise of the vegetarian diet in the market.”

According a report published by the Israel Food and Agricultural Organization (IFAO), more than 10 percent of Israelis are currently on a MMD.

The study, which was conducted in 2014, found that almost half of the people surveyed had a vegetarian diet.

Ziv told The Jerusalem Report that this diet is the result of a decade-long effort by the Israeli government and private organizations to reduce the burden of diabetes in the nation.

“There is a real need for a diet that emphasizes the nutritional and health benefits of plant foods,” he said.

“This is a major step in this direction, and the success of the MMM will help the country’s overall health.”

The MMM diet, Ziv noted, is now a popular option in Israel for Israelis who want to improve their health and avoid diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol and obesity.

“We are seeing the Mmm diet being offered to people in the United States, Europe and elsewhere as a whole, and we are seeing an increase in interest among the general public, both young and old,” he noted.

“The popularity of the diet is also very encouraging for the health care community.”

The popularity has been spurred in part by the fact that a number of health organizations, such as the World Health Organization, the World Trade Organization and the World Bank, have begun to promote the MMP in Israel, according to Ziv.

“As an Israeli, I believe that there are many benefits from the M mm diet,” he continued.

“We know that our health is better because of it.”

A new diet that includes whole grains, beans, lentil, nuts and legumes source The Israel Ministry Of Health source The Washington Post title New diet is gaining popular support in Israel source The Daily Beast title Israel: ‘Moderately Healthy’ Diet Now Available in the West, but It’s Still A New One article According to Zev, the diet has also been recommended in Europe and the United Kingdom.

“Israel is now one of the leading countries worldwide in the use and promotion of this new diet,” Ziv continued.

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