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Why I am a gluten free, vegan and lactose intolerant mother of two

The mother of three is struggling to stay alive as a single parent and she’s finding it difficult to find the resources to feed her family as a result.In addition, her husband and two children are unable to travel to Australia.Vinnie, who has two children aged 11 and 13, says she has experienced a number […]

How to avoid dog food recalls for pets

Consumers should keep a close eye on pet food manufacturers and retailers who may be under the microscope, according to a new guide published by Pet Nutrition Network, a pet food advocacy group.Pet Nutrition network has published a list of pet food recalls it says are linked to ingredients in dog food, with more being […]

How to make this healthy meal for the holidays: Carbs & Grain Free Pumpkin Cheesecake

Pumpkin cheesecake is one of the healthiest treats around. But how do you get it? It’s a fun treat to make, and a great way to add some variety to a holiday menu. Here’s how to make it.The ProcessCarbs & Grains Free Pumpkin Cheese Cake recipe, a staple for many holiday dishes, is a great, healthy alternative to […]

Why does the U.S. eat salty food?

More than 2 million Americans, mostly children, are obese and nearly half of those are children, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.The CDC estimates that about half of them are overweight or obese.They also are at increased risk for Type 2 diabetes, heart disease and certain cancers.It is hard to be healthy […]

Frozen food in freezer? – What do you need to know about freezing food?

The European Union has frozen food imported from the United States and Canada in an effort to help fight food security crises, as the crisis has seen millions of people around the world go hungry.The European Commission has launched the “Ice for Food” initiative, aimed at helping to fight food insecurity by freezing frozen food […]

How to find authentic food delivery in India, in a week

New Delhi: Food delivery has a long history in India.The country is home to some of the world’s largest markets and has an extremely vibrant startup scene.But while this ecosystem has made India the world leader in food delivery, there is another emerging industry that has become increasingly important to the country’s food sector.Food delivery […]

“We’re on our way to a ‘No Hunger’ future in America”

Low-carb, no-fuss, no gluten-free: A healthy diet that can satisfy everyone.(The title of this article is the title of an article.)I’m a dietitian.So am my wife, who also works in the food industry.We’re both on the team that produces and hosts Food Network’s “Food Challenge,” and we’re both eating out a lot more often now […]

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